Colorado Essentials for Childhood is a partnership of stakeholders who are committed to a future where children and families thrive in the places where they live, learn, work and play. Our ultimate goal is to prevent and reduce child abuse and neglect in our state.

Increase access to high-quality preschool and full-day kindergarten

Current Activities


Community level strategies:
  • Support school districts and communities to provide accessible, affordable, quality preschool. 
  • Support school districts and communities to provide full-day kindergarten
Societal level strategies:
  • Engage policy makers in long-term financially sustainable funding for free full day preschool. 
  • Engage policy makers in long-term financially sustainable funding for free full-day kindergarten. 

Return On Investment
High quality early education has been shown to produce between 7%-10% return on investment based on increased school and career achievement and reduced costs in remedial education, and even health and justice system expenditures.

Champion Agencies



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