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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

An invitation to help build a better Colorado

A broad collection of Colorado leaders have come together under the leadership of former DU Chancellor Dan Ritchie to explore ideas for "Building a Better Colorado." These include improving the state's fiscal situation as well as the initiative and election processes.
We were pleased to be asked to participate and help frame the fiscal discussion. Now you have a chance to participate, and we encourage you to do so online at or by attending one of the summits in the metro area. RSVP wherever is most convenient!
Here's what the folks at Building a Better Colorado say:

Colorado is a state with remarkable people who have done remarkable things. We can be pleased by our historic leadership in so many areas, but today, our state faces some real challenges, including:
  • The ease with which our constitution can be amended.
  • Decreasing citizen confidence and involvement in the election process.
  • The imbalance between citizens' expectations of the services which their state government provides and the ability of their government to meet those expectations.
A growing and diverse coalition of concerned citizens, including Republicans, Democrats and independents, is coming together under the banner "Building a Better Colorado" with the shared belief that Colorado can be better.

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