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Monday, August 31, 2015

Study on the Changing Needs of American Working Families

Recent demographic trends, economic conditions and technological advances are having profound influences on how American families live and how we think about work and careers. Cultural norms are rapidly shifting, roles are changing within families, relationships and involvement with our communities and with others are disappearing while the number of virtual connections to others has skyrocketed. Furthermore, our technology tools are not only changing the way we work but are actually changing the way our brains work. The speed of this social change is unprecedented in modern American culture and we expect these changes to continue at an even faster pace in the future. Although each family is adapting to changing realities, we are largely unaware of the extent of the transitions underway and the implications for family life and the future workforce. 

The current research sought to understand how these workplace changes, population trends, cultural factors, economic conditions and technology influence families and how US workers are adapting and responding. How are families adapting to social changes, what are the impacts of technology on daily life and are families developing practical solutions to respond to increasing uncertainty and pressures of time and resources? What do American families care about most and how can we help them shape their futures to achieve it? 

To address these questions, WFD Consulting conducted a national survey with a sample of 1100 working adults and 16 focus groups in 6 cities around the country with working adults from diverse backgrounds in terms of race and ethnicity, income, lifestage and household type.

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